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Hi, I’m Joelle!

I blog about health, fitness, lifestyle, travel and everything in between. You can find out more about me and my blog here.


 There are two sides to my blog: a fitness blog and a life blog.

The fitness blog discusses competing, dieting, training, the fitness industry and a whole lot of raw, honest fitness-related truths.

The life blog is a more personal blog, where I talk about my travel, adventures, guiding principles and everything else that isn’t directly related to fitness.


 Top blog posts

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Blog series

Letter to my pre-fitness self

A collection of letters written by women to themselves before they really got into fitness. These letters to highlight the struggles, challenges, mistakes, triumphs and victories that real people have experienced and faced during their fitness journeys.

Fitness model and competitor interviews.

Over 25 interviews with fitness-loving people from all over the world from all different walks of life. I spoke to professional fitness competitors, fitness models, ladies with incredible transformation stories and women to strive to be fit every day. Find out about their training programs, diets, goals, mistakes, motivation and more.

Olympia prep diary

My fitness competition preparation diary documenting 12 weeks of dieting and training in the lead-up to the 204 Natural Olympia. I openly share my struggles and mistakes and offer some valuable advice if you’re thinking of doing the same.


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