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Vegetarianism makes sense when you can eat like this

Sushi bowl recipe

By On October 11, 2015

Sushi bowl: it’s pretty much a bowl of all sushi ingredients and tastes exactly like sushi but doesn’t involve all the difficult, messy and pretty much impossible parts of regular home-made sushi.… Read More


Tomato bruschetta on toast

By On June 22, 2015

Tomato bruschetta is definitely one of my favourite entrées to order when I eat out at restaurants. I’m not normally a big fan of tomatoes but there’s just something about the warm, crispy… Read More


Baked avocado & eggs

By On June 1, 2015

Looking for a delicious, filling and healthy recipe? Why not try this for your next breakfast, lunch or snack? It is full of nutrients and its ingredients offer many health benefits. This baked… Read More


High protein sweet cinnamon breakfast bowl

By On May 29, 2015

We are heading into winter here in Australia and there’s nothing more wonderful to have in the morning than a sweet, warm bowl of oatmeal.  I personally also like to start my day… Read More


Berry Bowl recipe

By On February 5, 2015

This Berry Bowl tastes like a perfect mixture between sorbet and frozen yoghurt – it’s fruity and sweet, creamy and thick and a perfect snack for any time of the day. I sourced many of my… Read More


Granola recipe (macro and diet friendly)

By On September 28, 2014

This recipe has been adapted from Alyce Alexandra’s “Quick Fix in the Thermomix”. Ingredients: 1 to ½ tsp cinnamon (depending on your taste) 2 tsp nutmeg 100g almonds 80g walnuts 130g honey… Read More


Not just any old omelette

By On August 31, 2014

Omelette’s are a great go-to food when you’re dieting because they’re high in protein, delicious and they’re not just a breakfast food – you can have them any time of the day.… Read More


Healthy cinnamon cookies

By On August 27, 2014

These cookies are absolutely delicious, light and fluffy. Ingredients: 60g wholemeal flour 20g melted unsalted butter (can substitute coconut oil) 2 tbsp milk (can use almond milk) 25g natvia/stevia 5g baking powder… Read More


Homemade chocolate protein fudge

By On August 24, 2014

Ingredients: 1 scoop BNRG Proto Whey – Double Chocolate 40g melted coconut oil 14g cacao powder 25g Natvia (or alternative natural sweetener) 15g honey 1 tbsp water Directions: Stir together Proto Whey and… Read More


Banana protein pancakes

By On July 28, 2014

These fluffy pancakes are a perfect protein hit and delicious to enjoy at any time of the day. Ingredients: 125ml whole milk 20ml white vinegar 40g rolled oats, blended 1 egg 20g… Read More