Hello and welcome! I'm Joelle and I'm a Pro Bikini competitor and health and fitness lover. I blog about everything, from competing to dieting and training to 'fit' fashion and recipes. I'm law and business student and am also studying nutrition and hope to one day combine all these things to find a way to help hundreds of people turn their lives around through health and fitness, just like I have.

A little about me:
I started training in 2012 after realising how unhappy, insecure and lethargic I had become due to a lack of exercise and good nutrition. I knew something needed to change so I joined a gym and started going every day and soon it became a habit.

I started competing in fitness competitions with the INBA in 2013. I had such an amazing year and won the following events:
• INBA 2013 City Nationals Bikini Overall
• INBA 2013 World Championships Bikini Novice and Open Winner
• 2013 INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia Pro Bikini Champion

I love competing and getting up on stage but what drives me the most is being able to reach out and help other ladies on their health and fitness journeys. I write regular blog posts on the website (you can see the most recent posts below) and also interview other health and fitness enthusiasts so that you can see how they approach their training and nutrition.

I hope that you like my website and that you’re able to use it as a valuable resource. I know that when I was first starting out I really struggled with finding information and it was quite difficult to find out certain things because people don’t want to reveal their ‘secrets’ and/or don’t have the time to help everyone with their individual questions so I hope that you are able to learn about the things you want to know about here.

You can always contact me through this website and I am available to answer any questions you might have about anything – diet, training, competing, off-seasons, etc. I believe in honesty and helping others and hope that femmefitale.com will act as a platform to allow me to do that.

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